Please note:

Due to a strategic review, no further grants will be considered this year. Please check back in 2021 for further updates.

How to apply

Your step-by-step guide to applying for a grant

Supporting youth-based projects

On this page we will walk you through the grant application process. If you need any further information please feel free to get in touch.

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Your application

Your application needs to be able to ‘stand-alone’ and tell us what your organisation’s priority is and why it is important.

Writing your application is an opportunity for you to tell us the story and facts about your organisation. The more succinct the information the better.

Before making your application, please read the Foundation’s funding criteria to be sure that your project meets them.

Funding Criteria

Our funding criteria

  • The Trustees are particularly interested in projects which are based in Hampshire, London or Perthshire.
  • The Trustees main interest lies in charitable causes which focus on Youth and Education.
  • The Trustees are particularly interested in supporting projects which bridge the gap between education and employment for disadvantaged young people aged 16 to 25.
  • The Trustees are keen to support charitable causes where they believe that their contribution will make a real and lasting difference.
  • The Trustees have no restrictions as to the kinds of project or the areas they can support and make grants to a diverse range of organisations.
  • All applications are considered on their merit; thus applications for support towards capital projects, other projects or core costs will be considered.
  • The Trustees will consider one-off projects or multi-year applications.
  • The Trustees generally do not make grants to individuals except when known to the Trustees.
  • Grants are usually paid as single payments in a one year period but, if considered particularly beneficial to the project, they may be extended over three years.
  • Average grant size is approximately £2,500.
  • Grants over £10,000 are exceptional.
What to include

What to include

To make sure your application is as comprehensive as possible, you need to ensure that you supply us with all the information we need. We’ve therefore supplied you with a checklist to make your application process as simple as possible.

Review Checklist
An image of a woman completing a checklist for applying for a grant on the grants application page of the Ellis Campbell Foundation website, a charity making grants in Hampshire, London and Perthshire
  • Official information about the charity/organisation, e.g. registration number, legal name, website and postal address.
  • If not a registered charity, please describe the type of organisation.
  • Contact details of the person applying including name, email address, phone number and address if different to that above.
  • Geographical area served by the charity/organisation.
  • Number of years the charity/organisation has existed.
  • The charity/organisation’s main objectives and activities.
  • Age range of the charity/organisation’s target beneficiaries.
  • Project Summary – please state for what purpose the donation will be used. who and how many will benefit; composition of management team if applicable; total cost, funding secured and sources, and fundraising strategy for the shortfall.
  • Please state the amount of donation you are requesting.
  • Please provide either your latest annual accounts or, if you have not been operating for a year, your latest management accounts and bank statement.
  • Annual income range of the charity/organisation.
  • Preferably you should have a track record of success and provide evidence to show this, such as: giving us a typical case history of someone who has been helped by your work.
  • You may provide supporting information to your application such as any research that has been carried out to ascertain a need or interest for the project, a budget, photographs, plans/drawings etc.
  • Please add the ratio of cost of fundraising to the amount raised within the charity.

What happens to your application

  • All applications will be acknowledged by email / post within two weeks of receipt.
  • We may send you an email if we require further information. It is therefore very important that the email address you put on the application form is correct.
  • Once your application is received we will distribute it to our Scrutiny Panel for their initial consideration.
  • If the panel considers the application relevant it will then be considered by all of the Trustees at the next bi annual meeting.
  • We recommend that you apply as and when you are ready to enable the Trustees time to assess your application.
  • Once considered your application will either be declined or put forward to the next Trustee meeting, normally held in March and September.
  • All Trustees will discuss your application in depth and a decision will be made to accept or decline the application.
  • We will let you know the decision in writing, as soon as possible after the Trustee meeting.


Applicants, whether successful or not, should not reapply for a grant within two years of the original consideration. There is no guarantee that a further application will lead to a grant.

Payment of grants

  • Grants will be made within a few days of acceptance by the Trustees.
  • We request that all grant recipients send us a progress report 6 months after payment is made. If the grant hasn’t been spent in full by that time we request a final report at the end of 12 months from initial receipt of the grant.
  •  We expect grants to have been fully spent by the end of 12 months from payment.

Sending your application by post

If you are sending your application by post, please send it to the following address:

The Ellis Campbell Foundation
Shalden Park Steading
Shalden, Alton
GU34 4DS

Sending your application online

Please note:

Due to a strategic review, no further grants will be considered this year. Please check back in 2021 for further updates.

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