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The Ellis Campbell Foundation

Building Youth Power and Leadership


Supporting SEED 2030

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Proud signatories of the Power of Youth Charter

and fully aligned with its objectives


The Ellis Campbell Foundation

Building Youth Power and Leadership

From inception up until 2020, the Foundation’s grant giving focussed on Hampshire, Perthshire and London with grants totalling £3.7m.

Over the latter part of that time, the objective was to support initiatives looking to bridge the gap between education and employment for disadvantaged young people and you will see examples of this on the Historic Grants page. Since 2020 the Foundation’s objective has been to build youth power and leadership systemically, through youth led opportunities for marginalised young people outside Greater London.

Our 2020 Strategic Review

At the start of 2020, we embarked upon a transformational eight-month strategic review programme led by Ten Years’ Time. We were determined to ensure we were having the greatest impact with our grants, so we committed to a process of listening and learning from over 80 experts, including many extraordinary young changemakers.

We focussed on Youth Power and Leadership and were privileged to gain a much better understanding of the experience of young people in education, housing, youth services, criminal justice, mental health and the care system.

Importantly, we heard from so many inspirational young activists whose drive, insight and impact made it easy for us to pivot our funding towards innovative and genuinely youth-led work, safe in the knowledge that this will inspire so many more young people to be changemakers.

Alongside this, we must engage with power leaders to ensure they know how to listen and engage with young people effectively. Please take a deeper dive into all our findings and read our Emergent Enquiry or, for a shorter read, our Key Conclusions.

Emergent EnquiryKey Conclusions
An image of a group of young people participating in the LEAP Confronting Conflict Management Training Course, a charity supported by the Ellis Campbell Foundation, helping disadvantaged young people in Hampshire, London and Perthshire

Youth Led Partnerships

We are extremely excited to illustrate our youth led work below.

Advocacy Academy

Youth Community Organisations

Funding to support the formation of a new, national network of youth community organisations across the UK.


Seed 2030 Northern Ireland

Funding to launch this groundbreaking programme to the young people of Northern Ireland in partnership with One Young World.


Out of the Blue

Supporting a new iteration of the Out of the Blue project, handing curatorial power and creative agency over to young people at the Bluecoat arts centre in Liverpool.


Digital Content and Community Officer

Supporting Fumble’s Digital Content and Community Officer to co-create content with young people to ensure they can access safe guidance and support about sex education.


Youth Leadership and Activities

Multi-year funding for a youth leadership program to ensure young people are represented in positions of power across the organisation.

We are no longer open to unsolicited applications but do get in touch if you want to hear more about our work.

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An image of a group of photos in a line representing various grants by the Ellis Campbell Foundation helping disadvantaged young people in Hampshire, London and Perthshire