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Who we are

The Ellis Campbell Foundation

A Charitable Family Foundation 

The Ellis Campbell Foundation, a charity based in Hampshire, was established in 1990 by Michael Campbell, representing the fourth generation of the family’s property investment office, the Ellis Campbell Group.

An image of Michael Campbell MBE DL - Ellis Campbell Charity Foundation chairman

Up until 2020, the Foundation focussed its funds and energy on supporting a diverse range of organisations across Hampshire, Perthshire and London with grants totalling £3.7m.

You will see a good selection of these on the Historic Grants page and will note that many of these had a strong focus on supporting young people in a variety of ways.  The Foundation has long term relationships with a few organisations, in particular Treloar School through a sports fund and Alton College through engineering scholarships.

Most of the Hampshire grants are now run through the Doris Campbell Memorial Fund managed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation.

Following our strategic review, the Foundation is committed to building Youth Power and Leadership with a growing number of fantastic partners in the UK. We are proud to be supporting many transformational and system changing projects, all of which ensure marginalised young people have a voice, recognise their potential to be agents of change and have a seat at the table.

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An image ofMichael Campbell receiving a thank you on his retirement from HIWCF

Our Trustees

Each of our trustees brings with them specific relevant areas of expertise, including financial, organisational, policy development and legal.

They meet twice a year to consider grant applications focussed on Youth Power and Leadership.

An image of Michael and Jamie Campbell at a board meeting focused on the About Us page of the Ellis Campbell Charity Foundation website helping disadvantaged young people in Hampshire, London and Perthshire
An image of Laura Montgomery Grants Co-Ordinator and Correspondent for the Ellis Campbell Foundation

Laura Montgomery

CEO and Trustee

An image of Linda Campbell Trustee of the Ellis Campbell Foundation

Linda Campbell

Trust Secretary

Take a look at some of our recent projects.

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Building long-term partnerships

The Ellis Campbell Foundation supports charities and social enterprises across the UK with a particular focus on Youth Power and Leadership.

An image of a group of photos in a line representing various grants by the Ellis Campbell Foundation helping disadvantaged young people in Hampshire, London and Perthshire