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The Ellis Campbell Foundation supports Portsmouth’s young changemakers.

In a recent video, Unloc highlighted the positive impact achieved through the Ellis Campbell Foundation’s multi-year funding. This funding has been instrumental in creating a city where young people, regardless of background, have the power and platform to drive change.

Building a Generation of Changemakers

Unloc’s program, empowered by the Ellis Campbell Foundation’s contribution, focuses on integrating democratic practices into the curriculum of local schools. This initiative includes hosting “Changemaker Days”, where young people can directly engage with local decision-makers. Additionally, a dedicated “Changemakers Academy” program is being developed to equip a select group of young leaders with the skills and resources necessary to enact positive change within their communities.

Committed to Youth Empowerment

The Ellis Campbell Foundation’s commitment to Unloc reflects its ongoing dedication to fostering youth leadership across the UK. Their support for Seed 2030, a program awarding grants to young people in Northern Ireland to develop projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, further exemplifies this commitment.

Looking Forward: A City Transformed

Through initiatives like these, Unloc, with the continued support of the Ellis Campbell Foundation, are laying the groundwork for a generation of informed, empowered, and proactive young changemakers poised to lead Portsmouth into a brighter, more inclusive future.
For more information on Unloc’s work, follow them on X @unloc_uk.

22nd April 2024 | Article by The Ellis Campbell Foundation