Always Safe Programme

Clapton Common Boys Club was set up as a ‘foundation for recreation’ for young disadvantaged boys in Hackney focussing on tackling the high levels of local gang and youth crime.

The club serves 300 local boys, offering participation in extra-curricular activities and opportunities to develop their talents and interests in a constructive way.

They launched ‘Always Safe!’ in 2016, an after-school programme to equip children and young people with the confidence and knowledge to prevent bullying behaviour. The programme runs from Nursery to Year 6 and engages children in fun, interactive activities that develop self-awareness, confidence, caring for others and self-improvement. The project empowers children, through humour, fun and activities in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

Parent also play a vital role within the programme; training events for parents on how to detect bullying, talking to children about bullying (supporting the child the bully or the child the victim).

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