Covid-19 Funding

The Difference programme works to improve the life-outcomes of the country’s most vulnerable children who are often excluded from schools.

The Ellis Campbell Foundation has previously supported The Difference Leaders Pioneer programme. Covid-19 and the school shut down has given even greater urgency to our mission at The Difference. As Kiran explains, we can expect to see more children being excluded over the coming months as a result of behaviours stemming from difficulties they’ve experienced during the school closures.

The Foundation awarded a grant of £10,000

An investment of £10,000 from The Ellis Campbell Foundation has allowed us to respond to the wellbeing crisis unfolding in our schools as a result of Covid-19 in a meaningful way and has the potential to impact thousands of children across the country.

Kiran GillCEO & Founder

Take a look at The Difference’s video.

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Future Funding

Having supported a broad range of inspiring and transformational projects over the Foundation’s 30 year history, the Trustees decided to embark upon a strategic review to ensure our grants were having the greatest impact. In 2020 we completed an intensive eight month programme led by Ten Years’ Time and we’re thrilled to be focussing all our efforts now on building Youth Power and Leadership with some fantastic partners.

An image of a group of photos in a line representing various grants by the Ellis Campbell Foundation helping disadvantaged young people in Hampshire, London and Perthshire